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In the Double Digits!

November 21st, 2010 § 0 comments

By Valerie Gonzales

We are now three months away from our wedding! I am really happy that things are finally starting to come together, and I have a better idea of how the day will look. I’m sure I’ll still be surprised at how everything will turn out, but I am glad it is really reflecting our laid back nature.

Now that all the big ticket items are taken care of, the attention turns to the little details. I am actually excited to go shoe and accessory shopping, although it is hard to do without having seen my dress in about three months.  It should be in the store in a few weeks though!  Hm, maybe I should call to make sure… In any case, the shoes are probably more important to me than anything else I’ll wear that day. I already know my dress is comfortable, but I’m going to be walking, standing, and dancing in those shoes for most of the day.  Plus, they have to be a certain height so I don’t need to adjust the bottom of my dress. Horray for saving money!

David is still toiling away on our website. I must say, it looks GREAT! He’s such a talented man, and I’m glad that he’s in charge of this important part rather than me!  I think it will be really easy for you all to use. Watch for its unveiling soon!

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