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Wedding shows: What should a guy expect?

August 8th, 2010 Comments Off on Wedding shows: What should a guy expect?

By David Bonilla

For days, I have been trying to figure out what to write about for my first entry. It is tough to write about wedding planning from a guy’s perspective. After all, the guy’s biggest job is to make sure to show up to the right place and to show up at the right time. A wedding is really for the girl, right? It is their time to shine. The focus should be on them and we understand that. We are fine with just signing the checks and leaving the decision on flowers, decor, and other such things up to our better half.

However, for some women, it is important for the guy to be there for moral support. Although there are some that would rather you just stay out of the way. Val is not like that. For guys, there are certain aspects of the wedding that can be fun to help contribute your ideas to. Obviously there are the tuxedos for your half of the wedding party, but apparently it is good to know the color scheme of the wedding prior to heading down that road.

Before you head to a bridal show (I have been to three now — one was extremely big), let me tell you what you will be getting yourself into. You will be in a large room crowded with girls who all want a better wedding than the girl next to them. And some WILL pull your hair out if you get in their way. With them, they bring a small commando unit called bridesmaids. The guys are seriously outnumbered and those that are there know their place at such an event.

Flowers, dresses and all of that wonderfully beautiful stuff can be left up to the girls. They are probably better at choosing such things anyway. Photographers, videographers, and honeymoon vacation information can be fun. Plus, there are tons of free cake samples if you have a sweet tooth.

Bridal shows will give you a hint at what you can expect to spend. If you don’t go to at least one, you will constantly be asking why everything is costing so much.

Photographers are interesting to look at because of the different view and style that each has on an event. Plus, guys seem to be more comfortable when discussing anything that involves technology. The problem is that most photographers look the same and spending close to two grand on your average photographer seems common. I had no idea that photographers cost so much until my first visit to a bridal show. If you find a really good and experienced photographer (and you will know them when you see them), expect to spend over three grand.

Videographers are fun to select as well. You can find an average videographer for about a grand. However, don’t expect high definition for that price. The best deal I have seen on a quality high definition video creation is about $1,600 and up. The difference in what you get for the two prices is very noticeable. If you want to make a leap to something that looks like a Hollywood movie production, complete with dramatic soundtrack, camera effects, and even a movie poster style photo for your home, expect for that price to jump to four grand. While you may be in awe at the quality you can get for that price, odds are that most people will be perfectly happy with a sub two grand videographer.

So a good tip is to find something that you can be involved with and something that somewhat interests you. With everything else, be there to offer your suggestions, but leave the final decision up to her. After all, while you are certainly involved, everyone knows that the wedding is for her. Make sure she gets what she wants. Luckily for me, my bride-to-be has very simple tastes.

While all of this can be fun, the only aspect of a wedding that I truly care about is that the right girl is standing by my side at the altar. I’ve already taken care of that.

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